Rainy City Marketing are a results-led branding and design agency for leading e-
commerce brands around the world.


At the forefront of e-commerce for the last 5 years, we have established and grown many internationally recognized brands on the Shopify platform, delivering consistent growth and trackable results for digital businesses across the globe.

Trusted By The Best

We design your business the way you see it. With anticipated growth our foremost priority, we will deliver a store that converts, retains and set to scale.

Designed To Succeed

We provide consistent & adaptive strategies to ensure your business keeps up with market trends. We never make a decision without consulting you first, placing you at the front of your enterprise.

Combined 30 years Experience

Our team of highly skilled web designers, developers and marketers have done it all, with first hand experience that can’t be learned from a book.


We possess enviable talent and a broad range of skills that cover every aspect of leading e-commerce. We are experts in our fields, leaving nothing to chance, with proven track records that deliver time and time again.






“Rainy City Marketing strive to set new standards of excellence within digital development and design. With anticipated growth our priority, every e-commerce store we design is set to sell, scale and grow.”

– Rebecca Worsley, CEO & Co Founder of Rainy City Marketing.

Why We Use Shopify

Shopify is designed for fast-paced 24/7 e-commerce, with 99.98% Uptime guaranteed. For added peace of mind, they are fully PCI compliant, making Shopify the most trusted e-commerce platform in the world.

Leading Brands Trust Shopify

As a fully hosted & managed e-commerce solution, Shopify has attracted leading brands within multiple retail sectors, such as ‘Kylie Jenner’, Oreo Cookies’’ & ‘Jeffree Star Cosmetics’, generating multiple 8-figures in annual revenue.

Global Recognition

Powering more than 500,000 businesses across 175 countries, Shopify provides a reach and audience beyond compare. With greater ability to reach more people, your store will be seen by the individuals you want.

Rapid Growth

With annual growth of 74%, and 1.2 million users daily, Shopify is the world’s largest e-commerce platform, generating over $40 billion in sales to date.

Full Migration & Installation

Our in-house experts will ensure a seamless transition from your current e-commerce platform to Shopify, with a minimum of fuss to you. Once fully integrated, your store will be designed to convert, sell and scale.

99.98% Uptime and Fully PCI Compliant

Shopify servers are designed for fast-paced e-commerce, 24/7, with 99.98% Uptime guaranteed. For added peace of mind, they are fully PCI compliant, making Shopify the world’s most trusted e-commerce platform.

Meet Our Leaders

Rebecca Worsley

Rebecca Worsley

Rebecca Worsley, CEO, Shopify Design & Branding

A Shopify Plus expert with over 5 years’ experience designing high-end e-commerce sites, Rebecca has established multiple health, beauty and fashion brands on the Shopify platform. With an exceptional eye for detail, Rebecca’s talent for branding is unsurpassed, and remains in high demand.

Peter Carter, co-CEO, Marketing & Consulting

At the front of cutting-edge e-commerce, Peter is a sought-after advertising and marketing consultant. With a formidable track record in providing consistent, trackable results for his clients, Peter has generated multiple millions in revenue for businesses across the globe, and remains a sought-after consultant for premium e-commerce brands.

Jason Downey, Project Manager

With over 6 years experience in working in digital agencies, Jason has overseen the completion of multiple web design and development and digital projects. With unflappable commitment, Jason will ensure that your business vision is fully realized from concept to completion.

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